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TAS - Self-assisted Terminals

A set of technologies that provide a modern, compact, robust and secure design solution to operate with contactless cards quickly and easily.

Servicio 03


The new line of Validators that we will launch to the market, are based on a flexible design that allows different functional configurations that will adapt to the varied requirements of the market, with a modern and robust design. In addition to allowing NFC-type cards to be validated in all their standards and variants, they have QR readers and the option to accept EMV Co cards, wireless communications, and positioning for integration into Fleet Management systems.

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The LGI-5X family is a series of non-contact card readers/recorders compatible with ISO/IEC 14443 A/B technology. Its small size makes it adaptable to different environments along with its robust design. It has light and sound indicators to alert the user and various options of communication ports adaptable to all kinds of integration.

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SAETA equipment is specially designed considering the specific needs of a mass and public transport system. They integrate different technologies and make them accessible to public transport. They have geographic positioning capability, integration with the in-vehicle ticket collection system, online communication (GSM/3G or 4G) with the central system and wireless communication (WiFi) for efficient data transfer in the garage or line tip.
Robust, compact and highly reliable.

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Free communication equipment via VoIP, GSM / 4G and / or standard telephone lines with hands-free system, integrated speaker, dome camera for peripheral vision and other optional. Designed under strict anti-vandalism standards, for outdoor use, easy to install and maintenance free.